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IGN “journalist” plays game on easiest difficulty, which doesn’t let you play the epic final stage, and puts the game down for having a shitty ending. Gets called on it, deletes comment and removes that section from his review.



Cant spell ignorant without ign

The future of Nintendo and the history of Sega



Nintendo, despite what fanboys or zealots want to think, is now in dire straits and there outlook keeps getting worse.

Despite the money that Nintendo has in the bank from years of great Wii sales in the past, they still have operating overhead and are losing money fast from lack of Wii U sales…

Dude, come the fuck on, Nintendo isn’t going anywhere. They’ve had some of the highest-selling consoles in history for almost a decade, the Wii U alone having already sold over 4.7 million units so far and the 3DS over 40 million, they continue to have huge hits within their flagship franchises and from third-party studios, and they don’t even consider Sony their competition anymore, let alone a threat to their existance, because of the massive difference in target demographics. I know people like you love to think that the Wii U is some horrid flop, a joke of a console that no one wants, that everyone is going “Fuck you, I’m out” and dropping all the Nintendo franchises they loved, and that this is all putting Nintendo at risk for bankruptcy, but that isn’t the least bit true, and I don’t give two shits if you call me a fanboy or zealot for pointing it out.

"We’ll be seeing Zelda on the PS4", gimme a fucking break. Let’s not conveniently forget the PS3’s uneasy start that resulted in the closure of 10% of Sony’s manufacturing plants worldwide, hm?

Ok well first I want to thank you for proving me right by just ranting from the gut with no sources or facts to back up your claims.

If you bothered to read my post, you would have seen that I am still a Nintendo fan and that this news is not good in my eyes. In fact I would love to see Nintendo continue in consoles and I’d love to see what comes after Wii U. I just don’t see that happening with the trends over the past few years.

Ok well if you look at basically all the business and gaming news today, the Wii U is a flop. CNN, Bloomberg, Marketwatch all have news today on the subject.

CNN - Uh oh: Nintendo cuts Wii U sales forecast by 69 percent

Bloomberg - Nintendo Mulls New Business Model After Forecasting Loss

Kotaku - Nintendo’s Toughest Year Ever Starts Pretty Much Now

Marketwatch - Nintendo president says he won’t resign, hints at move to mobile

These are facts now. This is open discourse in the business and gaming communities and it looks bad. Also, Nintendo doesn’t operate without shareholders. What do you think the scene in Japan looks like now with news like this? Why do you think Mr. Iwata today had to defend his job and openly discuss mobile research?

Also, the Wii U selling “4.7 million units” to date, worldwide, in the span of over a year, is pathetic. The Wii was selling over 2 million units per month after it’s launch in 2006. It hit this mark by Christmas 2006. The Wii U has struggled to make the same share in 2 holiday shopping seasons. You seem to have neglected that fact.

Compare that to the PS4 which hasn’t even launched in all markets and is approaching 3 million units to date after launching in November 2013. Remember, time is a factor, not just numbers. PS4 has been out for 2.5 months and hasn’t launched in Japan. PS4 also barely has software, and what they have is arguable not good, but they’re poised to surpass Wii U sales by March when they launch in Japan in February.

The Nintendo 3DS selling 40 million units in it’s life cycle of almost 3 years comes after a staggering price cut 6 months after it launched to offset abysmal sales. It took another year to just gain traction, while selling at a reduced profit margin ($77 vs $150 in 2011 - Source: Wired).

Also I’d like to point out I never mentioned the 3DS negatively in my original post, you pointed that out so I’m elaborating.

The statement that Nintendo doesn’t consider Sony a competitor is wrong. They very much do. Sony’s Playstation arm and Nintendo are in the same market, regardless of demographic. You can play third party titles like Skylanders or Rayman on any console, it’s up to consumers to choose the platform. 

Also you said “they (Nintendo) continue to have huge hits within their flagship franchises and from third-party studios”. This is also incorrect, and again, I’m just looking at Wii U. Let’s compare some title sales to date to elaborate (source - VGChartz):

Super Mario 3D World - 1.63 million worldwide (compare to Super Mario Galaxy which sold 11 million)

TLoZ: WindWaker HD - 0.79 million worldwide (the original Gamecube title sold 4.6 million)

Pikmin 3 - 0.69 million worldwide (compare to Pikmin which sold 1.63 million on original Wii)

Nintendo Land - 2.77 million worldwide (compare to Wii Sports at 81.79 million)

I think this paints a picture. It’s a very bleak picture. Only 2 of these titles broke a million sales around the world. That’s sad considering there probably is hardly a Wii title that did not break a million in it’s first months on the market.

Let’s look at third-party Wii U titles and see how they stack:

Call of Duty: Ghosts - 0.12 million worldwide ( sold over 7 million on Xbox360 and PS3 respectively, and 1.65 million on PS4 with a smaller install base)

Rayman Legends - 0.27 million worldwide (barely outsold by PS3 at 0.29 million, but still this was advertised hard by Nintendo for Wii U as a holiday 2013 must have title)

Assassin’s Creed III - 0.23 million worldwide (compare to 5.41 million on PS3 and 4.78 million on X360)

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag - 0.12 million worldwide (compare to 2.43 million on PS3, 2.17 million on X360, and 1.22 million on PS4)

Disney Infinity - 0.28 million worldwide (compare to 0.87 on X360, 0.54 on PS3, and 0.95 on original Wii [no longer supported by Nintendo])

Skylanders SWAP Force - 0.22 million worldwide (compare to 0.78 million on X360, 0.61million on PS3, and 1.43 on original Wii [no longer supported])

All these titles comprise E, E10, and M games for all consoles. In every respect, the Wii U version undersells last gen PS3 and X360. It is also being outsold on PS4 when PS4 has a small worldwide install base.

Also on the point of the Sony 2008 layoffs and manufacturing cuts, your statements about it being PS3 related is also wrong. Sony is not just a gaming company. Sony has electronic and manufacturing arms producing TV’s, stereos, computers, media players, radios, etc. They are a huge company involved with many facets of electronics. According to a Marketwatch article from 2008 (Source: MarketWatch), Sony was to cut 8000 (not 10,000) jobs and close manufacturing (5 sites of 57 were closing, or 10%) related to it’s semiconductor divisions. This was due to global recession and the sudden spike of the JP Yen to the US dollar. The same effect happened to Nintendo as well as other Japanese companies who had severely cut profit forecasts or now losses due to the recession.

Nowhere can I find a statement of fact financially or otherwise that this was related specifically or remotely to PS3.

See, facts in an discussion are important. Yelling like a 12 year old and talking from gut feelings and assumptions do not make good arguments. I hope you learned something.

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